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Sunset Magazine is not moving us into the 21st century

I’m here to overturn the Pacific Northwest garden style. We live in one of the most beautiful places (unbiased opinion) and there is so much local good stuff to take inspiration from: our mountains, expansive waters, and native flora. Why hold onto East Coast and British fantasies of what a garden is when we can distill the PNW beauty that is already out there? It is time for a garden revolution! Let us move from consumptive and suburban-styles to ecologically harmonious, nature-connected, and cozy.

Do you agree? We should talk.

I get to learn about your relationship and history with your property, along with your hopes and dreams, and together we see what to change, throw-out and honor. Gardens shouldn’t be static - they need to grow and evolve over time to stay vital and relevant. I’ll help steer you through a clear and easy process to solutions that make sense for you and your humble or lofty garden aspirations. I love crafting an environment that draws you, your family and friends out and together, throughout the seasons. 

And all gardens should be climate-resilient, tough, easy to care for, enhance a site’s best qualities, and still be useful and lovely in wintertime.

Part PNW plant-geek, part gently sassy minimalist designer

You can find me filling my car with hard-to-find plants in Portland or visiting all the stoneyards of Seattle for the elusive shade of warm-grey gravel.

I’ve studied Washington’s Olmsted brothers landscapes and grew up visiting the Bloedel Reserve, then got to be a design intern there, proposing redesigns for the Chateau grounds.

I’ve worked as a gardener, farmer, florist and chef and the cool thing about landscape is that it is living, breathing & evolving over time. I studied Landscape Architecture at UC Berkeley and am a licensed landscape architect here in Washington state. I have over a decade of experience in landscape architecture and horticulture, mainly in San Francisco. Especially appreciate my experience working at Lutsko Associates Landscape.

CONTACT - jonathan@beautifier.us